Aerial filming and photography by virtue of a helicopter is a highly distinguished field that demands a suitable helicopter, equipment and experienced pilots with an inclusive appreciation and comprehension of the requirements of a film crew or photographer.

With several aircrafts, we are able to meet a variety of budgets. We exclusively use fully versatile aircraft to maintain complete manoeuvrability and needed balance for all aerial filming and photography work. We do this because we thoroughly understand an aircraft appropriated to the needs of filming and photography is absolutely essential to the success of an event. We have experience in a vast assortment of filming and photography fields including, but not resigned to, documentary filming, aerial surveys, or simple photography still pictures.

Depending on the circumstances of your flight and the aircraft in service, some aircrafts, in addition to their ergonomic wide cabin, the doors can be removed from the aircraft to provide increased freedom to move and a wider opening for filming and photography. Under certain circumstances, camera equipment is often available with prior notice. However, do not depend on this as it is intermittently unavailable. We have years of production experience in helicopter camera stabilization systems including the industry standard Cineflex designed with the Sony 1500 to capture HD footage with absolute stabilization with the use of modern gyros. Simply request equipment beforehand to ensure its, firstly, offered and the assortment of gear needed is available.

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